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Recreational Skiing on Grouse Mountain (1927 - 1942)

During the 1930's, '40's, and '50's, the North Shore mountains' ski jump and ski racing champions got most of the attention and press coverage, and deservedly so. However, their success would not have been possible without the involvement of hundreds of recreational skiers who contributed time and money in support of their ski club champions. In the ‘early days’, most recreational skiers were motivated to joined ski clubs on Hollyburn, Grouse and Seymour because of the many opportunities they offered. Clubs sponsored dances, ran bowling leagues, and organized summer picnics. Clubs provided accommodation in 'dorms’ and cabins on all three mountains. Beginning skiers were taught ‘the craft so long to learn’ by more advanced skiers in the club including some A Class competitors. Beginners were encouraged to participate in competitions for novices to improve their skills. In return the the majority skiers - those who had neither the ability and/or desire to compete at the B or A Class level - helped run club, ski zone and provincial races and tournaments. Money collected from club dues and fund-raising events was used to pay some of the traveling expenses of the club’s top competitors.

Grouse Mountain Ski Grounds

Varsity Outdoor Club (VOC) Cabin on Grouse Mountain