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The 'Golden Age' On Hollyburn Mountain 
1933/1934 Ski Season

Canadian Ski Year Reports, Daily Province Sports Stories, Photos from HHS Archives

First Lake, Hollyburn Ridge, March 4, 1934

Hollyburn Pacific Ski Club
Mickey Pogue

The depression is over as far as it is reflected in the activities and spirit of our members. The club hss doubled its membership over the average of the two preceding years and brought itself beck to the position it occupied in 1930, that of a strong progressive organization. This was accomplished by an enthusiastic executive, following out a policy adopted et the annual meeting held November 17, 1933, which concentrated club activities on its home grounds.

A dozen or so fine week-ends in a row leading up to the big event of the season, the Vancouver City Championships, which we held early in March, in conjunction with the Vancouver Ski Club, had a great deal to do with making our season a success. Our spirits rose with each succeeding fine week, and such an interest was taken in club competitions that it was a simple matter to make a real go of the City Championships.

More than two thousand spectators turned up to view this meet, which may not seem many but means a lot to us because it was the largest crowd ever to watch any of our competitions. The jumping events were held over the new ski jump at West Lake Ski Camp, which was built, by the way, by two of our executive members, Noel "Irish" Beaumont, Club Captain, and yours truly, Mickey Pogue, Club Secretary. We were all delighted when "Irish" took first place in the Class "B" jumping event in this, the first open tournament to be held over the jump he helped build.

In this City Championships meet, our members took first places In nine out of the ten events, losing out only in the Class “C” jumping. In the cross-country racing, Gus Johnson won in Class "A," Duke Knight in Class “B,“George Bury in Class "C," Daisy Bourdon in girls Class "A," and Tess Murby in girls Class "B."

In the jumping, Nordal Kaldhl came,out ahead in Class “A,” leading a high grade field with two magnificent jumps of between 135 and 140 feet to gain 221.8 points. lvind Nelsen, representing the Grouse Mountain Ski Club, was second with 214.8 points. Henry Sotvedt, of the Vancouver Ski Club, was third with 208.2 points. Tom Mobraaten, also of the Vancouver Ski Club, was fourth with 206.7 points. Hans Gunnarsen end Gunnar Gunnersent both representing Grouse Mountain Ski Club, were fifth and sixth with 205.2 and 205.1 points respectively. "Irish" Beaumont won the Class "B" event, end Gordon Loutet, of Grouse Mountain Ski Club the Class “C.” Combined honors went to Nordal Kaldahl and "Irish" Beaumont.

Club members worked hard to make the series of four skiers' dances, run by the Grouse Mountain Ski Club of Vancouver and our own ski dubs, cheerful and profitable. A swimming party was held et the Crystal Pool one evening followed by dancing and refreshments at which everyone enjoyed themselves. About sixty members attended our annual banquet, with similar reactions. More than forty arose at six e.m one Sunday recently to attend a club launch party, which was favoured by lovely weather. A beach picnic around a bonfire in the evening followed this, a fleet of automobiles carrying the party to an inland resort on May 24.

The club's eishth annual meeting was held April 23, 1934, and the following members elected officers for the 1934-35 sedsQn:-Honorary President, W. G. Dudgeon; President, Rdlph Morris; Vice-President, Gordon P,uk; Secretory, Mickey Pogue; Treasurer, Olive Longmuir. Completing the executive committee (lre:-Chairmdn of Sports Committee, "Irish" Beaumont; Chairman of the House Committee, Jim Pearcy; Club Representative, Druce Cooke.

The club held its championships in the form of three combined competitions, average for best two to count, and with the following results: - Class "A" Racing, first, Gus Johnsorn second, 'Irish" Beaumont, third, Abie Knight. Jumping, frst, "Irish" Beaumont, second, A. Knight, third, Duke Knight. Combined, first, "Irish" Beaumont, 542 points, second, A. Knight, 476.4 points; third, D. Knight, 405 points. "Irish" Beaumont is Club Champion and possesses the Leyland Cup.

Class "B" Racing, first, George Bury, second, Bill Brown and Mickey Pogue tied, third, Clarke Hoffman. Jumping, first, C. Hoffman, second, Eric Twist, third, M. Pogue. Combined, first, C. Hoffman; 542 points; second, E. Twist, 521 points; third, M. Pogue, 484-.8 points. Clarke Hoffman won the Morris Cup.

Class “C” Racing, first, Stew Morrison, second, G. Robinson, third, J. Sexton. Jumping, first, G. Robinson/ second, J. Sexton; third, Bob Frezell, Combined, first, J. Sexton, 532 points; second, G. Robinson, 523.2 points)
third, M. Leslie, 504 points. .

Junior Jumping, first, A. Fraser, second, D. Church, third, L. Olson.

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Vancouver Ski Club

Although handicapped by poor snow conditions, the past season was nevertheless successful. Five of our men, Tom Mobraaten, Finn Fladmerk, Fred Finkenhagen, Henri Sotvedt and AIf Johannsen, made the rounds of the North-West Tournaments, and came home covered with glory. Mobraaten did exceptionally well, winning both the jumping and racing at Seattle and again at Leavenworth when he took the Pacific North-West Amateur Championship.

T. Mobraatten, 200 points; A. Johannsen, 60 points; and H. Sotvedt, 60 points; all of our Club, together with O. .Johannsen of Princeton, B.C., 40 points; and R. l.ymbourne of Revelstoke, 40 points; brought home to Canada the Brenton S. Brown Trophy emblematic of ski team championship of the Pacific North-West.

Great credit is given to Vancouver skiers by the American clubs for continuing to compete, despite adverse snow conditions, and helping to keep interest in the sport at a high pitch all season. In one tournament there was so little snow, and that little was imported for the occasion, that the landing hill was barely two feet wide end competitors were stopped on the Rat by a rope stretched across the track. In another case the hill was frozen so hard that the trampers could not make a mark on it, and the jumpers' skis rattled over the take-off as if crossing d tin roof. Jumping under such conditions requires considerable nerve and no little skill, In Norway, no competition would be held under similar clrcumstances, we are told.

In the ladies events Miss Bertha Haigh, Canadian ladies cross-country champion, 1931, although out of training most of last season, made a remarkably fine showing to take second place in the Western Canada Amateur Championships at Trail, B.C.; second in the Vancouver City Championships on Hollyburn Ridge; second in the British Columbia Championships on Grouse Mountain; first in the Club Championships Competition. Miss Peggy Harlin also did very well to take first place in the British Columbia event; third in the City Tournament; second in the Club Competition and first in the Western Canada Slalom Championships on Grouse Mountain. This was her first attempt at slalom competition, and considering the greater experience of some of the other entries, her showing was all the more remarkable.

The 1934 season also saw a considerably increased interest in slalom ski-ing on the Ridge. Almost every open week-end found groups of members and their friends laying out practice courses. Basil Daines won our Slalom Competition with a fine exhibition of controlled ski-ing. This coming winter there will undoubtedly be an even greater interest in slalom, the slopes of Hollyburn shoulder and Mount Strachan being ideal for practising.

Our annual meeting was held this year in the Vancouver Daily Province sports room, May 2, with a good turnout. Gordon Billingsley was re-elected President for his fifth consecutive term; Len Williams, Vice-President; Jennie Dove, Secretary; and Jack Hutchinson, Treasurer. Wilf Roberts is the special member of the executive committee, while Fred Finkenhagen is chairman of the Sports Committee. The Sports Committee will give special attention to fostering competitive ski-ing among the junior members and will also organize ski parties for instruction trips. Miss Doris Reaville is back as head of the Social Committee. The practice of holding annual meetings in the spring has been widely adopted by the Western clubs as it gives the new executive a good chance to get organized before the snow begins to fly.

The Vancouver City Championships, held on Hollyburn Ridge under the joint auspices of the Hollyburn Pacific Ski Club and the Vancouver Ski Club, were run off in a very businesslike manner, and we ore glad to have had the honor of holding them.

Our entries in American tournaments did as follows:

Spokane, Washington: (Jumping only) second, T. Mobraaten; third, H. Sotvedt.
Portland, Oregon: (Race) first, F. Fladmark; second, T. Mobraaten. (Jump) first, T. Mobraaten; second, H. Sotvedt. (Combined) first, T. Mobraaten.

Seattle, Washington:(Race) first, T. Mobraaten; second, F. Fladmark; fifth, H. Sotvedt, (Jump) first, T. T. Mobraaten; third, H. Sotvedt,. (Combined) first, T. T. Mobraaten; third, H. Sotvedt.

Leavenworth, Washington, Pacific North-West Championships: first, T. T. Mobraaten; second, A. Johannsen; fifth, H. Sotvedt. (Jump) first, T. T. Mobraaten; second, H. Sotvedt; eighth, A. Johannsen. (Combined) first, T. T. Mobraaten; second, A. Johannsen; third, H. Sotvedt.

British Columbia Championships, Grouse Mountain, March 31, 1934: (Class "A" Race) first, A. Johannsen, 30.26; fourth, T. Mobraaten. (Jump) first, T. T. Mobraaten; fifth, A. Johennsen. (Combined) first, T. Mobraaten; second, A. Johannsen. (Ladies Race, Class A) second, Bertha Haigh; (Class B) first, Peggy Harlin. Not a bad showing considering we had competitors.

Western Canada Slalom Championships, Grouse Mountain, March 31, 1934: Ladies Slalom Race won by Miss Peggy Harlin, Vancouver Ski Club.

Western Canada Amateur Ski Championships, Trail, Rossland: (Ladies Cross-Country Race): Miss Bertha Haigh, Vancouver Ski Club, second place.

Vancouver City Championships, Vancouver and Hollyburn Pacific Ski Clubs on Hoilvburn Ridge, March 11, 1934: (Class "A" Race) second, A. Johannsen, 39.06; fifth, H. Sotvedt, 41.16; sixth, O. Hansen, 42.06; seventh, T. Mobraaten; eighth, L. Gulliksen. (Jump) third, H. Sotvedt, fourth, T. T. Mobraaten, seventh, A. Johannsen, eighth, F. Fladmerk. (Combined) second, A. Johannsen; third, H. Sotvedt, fourth; T. T. Mobraaten; fifth, O. Hansen; sixth L. Gulliksen. (Class “B” Race) third, Brian Muir; fifth, Len Williams; sixth, Chuck Glllrie; ninth, Jack Hutchinson. (Class" B” Combined) fifth, Len Williams. (Class "C" Race) seventh, Les May; ninth, Wilf Roberta; fourteenth, Chuck Gillespie. (Ladies Race) second, Bertha Haigh; fourth, Peggy Harlin.

Princeton Ski Tournament, Princeton, B.C.: A. Johannsen won the race. H. Sotvedt won the jumping.

Club Championships: (Class "A" Racing) first, Finn Fladmark, 25.44 mins.; second, Henri Sotvedt, 25.58 mins., third, Mickey Mitchel, 27.38 mins., fourth, Ole Hansen, 31.43 mins. (Jumping) first, Tom Mobraaten, 147.2 points; second, Henri Sotvedt, 143.2 points; third, Fred Finkenhagen, 137.8 points; fourth, Finn Fladmark, 136.2 points; fifth, Ole Hansen. Combined, First, Henri Sotvedt, 303.0 points; second, Finn Hedmerk, 296.2 points; third, Ole Hansen, 262.8 points. (Class “B” Racing) first, George Knetchtle, 33.43 mins; second, Les May, 36.36 mins; third, Brian Muir, 36.50 mins, fourth, Jack Hutchinson, 37.52 mins; fifth, Len Williams, 41.43 mins. (Jumping) first, Len Williams, second, George Knechtle. (Combined) first, Len Williams, 243.4 points; second George Nnechtle, 232.0 points. (Novice Racing first, Wilf Roberts, 31.15 mins., second, Geoff Bullen, 36.52 mins. (Jumping) first, John Granger, 129.6 points. (Ladies Race) first, Bertha Haigh; second, Peggy Harlin, 18.30 mins; third, Helen DeBues, 23.45 mins.

Canadian Ski Year Report Courtesy of the Canadian Ski Hall of Fame & Museum