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Vancouver Ski Club Cabins 

After the Vancouver Ski Club was formed in 1930, one of its first tasks was to secure accommodation for its members. During the next few years the VSC rented two large cabins from the Swedes who owned and operated the Hollybun Ski Camp. By 1936, these rental cabins were too small as membership had increased considerably. Plans were made to construct three large cabins on the east side of First Lake. The centre cabin was to be the clubhouse - the site of club meetings and social activities. A womens 'dorm' was to be built north of the clubhouse, ta men's 'dorm' to the south. All three cabins were completed in time for the 1938/1939 ski season. The three 'Viski' cabins were well used until the mid-1950's when membership began to decline. By 1960, the men's dorm had been dismantled. A couple of years later an 'A' frame cabin was built on the site for the YMCA. About the same time, the women's 'dorm' was dismantled. Last to go was the clubhouse cabin. What is left now are treasured photos and fond memories of Hollyburn's 'Viski' cabins.

Photo Group 1 - The First Vancouver Ski Club Cabins

Photo Group 2 - Vancouver Ski Club Cabins (Winter)

Photo Group 3 - Vancouver Ski Club Cabins (Summer)

Photo Group 4 - Vancouver Ski Club Cabins (Men's & Women's Dorms)

Photo Group 5 - Vancouver Ski Club Cabins (Viski Lodge)