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Updated October 18, 2018

The Hollyburn Heritage Society is very interested in locating and scanning your North Shore mountain photos. HHS will add digital copies of your photo scans to its archives.  The original photos will be returned to you along with a digital copy of the photos. HHS is also interested in home movies and video taken on Hollyburn.

The following people (or members of their family) have contributed photos to the Hollyburn Heritage Society archives.
(Please advise us if the information needs to be corrected/updated through our 'Contact Us' page.)


Bert Aikens

Hugh Aikens (courtesy Bert Aikens)

Dick Andersen

Joanne van Antwerp

George Armstrong-Hills

Jenett Ashley

Bert Baker

Buddy Barker (Win Oliver)

George Barker

Pat Bassett

Noel & Kay Park Beaumont (courtesy Doug Beaumont)

Jamie Bennett

Betty Bibs

Pat Bota

Marge Bowman

Helen Santos Boyce

Ottar & Emil Brandvold (courtesy Hans Brandvold)

Roland D. Brewis (courtesy Florence Brewis)

Hans Brunner (courtesy Margaret Brunner)

Fred Burfield (courtesy Peggy Burfield)

George Bury

Neal Carter (courtesy Lou Schmidt)

Bob Caverley

Art Charbonneau (courtesy Leslee Arnet)

Nora Coates

Al Coleman

Bas Collins

Terry Connor (courtesy David Connor)

Druce Cooke

Nora Copp

Brian Creer

Norm Deacon

Kim DeFaveri

Jenn Dickie

Bill & Kaye Dickinson

Alex Douglas

Bill & Judy Eddins

Chris & Myrna Engh (courtesy Sharon Coles)

Barbara Esplin

Lois Evans

Maysie Ewart

Janice Farrell (courtesy Sean Farrell)

Denise Fiala

Scotty Finlayson (courtesy Darlene Nickull)

Les Finta

George Firth (courtesy William Firth)

Frank Flynn

Bob Forrest

Murray Fraser

Mike Furlong

Ken Garland (courtesy Rosemary Brown)

Chuck & June Gillrie

Jim Graham

Anna Grant

Donald Grant

Harry Gray

Joan (Whitney) Greaves

Gerry Hardman (courtesy George Hemingway)

Jim Harman

Rod Harman

Bob Harris

Eilif Haxthow (courtesy Peggy Massey)

Ted Hunt

Jack & Thelma Hutchinson (courtesy Ruth Alsemgeest)

Paul Jaffary

Gary Johnson

Fred & Ethel Jones 

Helen 'Brownie' Morris Kaldahl (courtesy Rosemary Clapham)

Nordal Kaldahl (courtesy Rosemary Clapham)

Kjell Karlsson,

Walt Kennedy

Joffrey Koeman

Gordon & Iola Knight

Mardy Link

Laine Loo

Ron Lucas

David & Mary Macaree

Everest MacDonald 

Bud & Naomi MacInnes,

John & Nora MacMorland

Joan Mathews (courtesy Hans Brandvold)

Les May

Richard McAteer

Bob McLellan

Frank Melcombe

Morrison Family

Nancy Jill Newby

Kathy Newman

North Vancouver Archives

Margaret Kippan Ommundsen (courtesy Peter Ommundsen)

Ommund Ommundsen (courtesy Peter Ommundsen)

Jack & Isabella Owen

Gord Park (courtesy Doug Beaumont)

C & M Paul

Harry & Gwen Pearson

Kathryn Pipke

Hal Plumsteel

Jack & Peggy Pratt

Bill & June Prior (courtesy Marcy Prior)

Betty Pullar

Steve Richards

'Queenie' Robb

Jack Roocroft

Thorne Shindler

Alf Staley (courtesy Trudy Staley)

Trudi Staley

Donald Steele

Katharine Steig

Alex Swanson

Bob & Greta Tapp

Peter Tapp

Terry Taylor

John Theiler

Neil Thompson

Doug Toller

Don Tyrell (courtesy Chris Tyrell)

Jack Tyrell

Vancouver Archives

Vancouver Public Library

Bea Vittery

Ralph Watt (courtesy Robert Watt)

West Vancouver Archives

West Vancouver Memorial Library

Varsity Outdoor Club - UBC (courtesy Iola Knight)