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Hollyburn Mountain History

Programme & Menu for the Hollyburn Pacific Ski-Club Annual Banquet, May 2nd, 1928 signed by Rudolph J. Verne & other Hollyburn pioneer skiers

An Overview of the History of Hollyburn Mountain

The two groups of photos below (with captions) provide an overview of key events and a glimpse of the unique 'mountain way-of-life' that has drawn so many to Hollyburn, beginning in the early 1920's when Hollyburners were hiking the rough roads and trails left by loggers and ending with the opening, on January 15, 2017, of the renewed Hollyburn Lodge. The History sub-pages provide a 'smorgasbord' of more detailed information about Hollyburn Mountain history.

PHOTO GROUP 1 (1920's - 1950's)

PHOTO GROUP 2 (1960's - 2018)