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Proposed Tractor / Bombardier Museum at First Lake

Hollyburners familiar with the Burfield era on Hollyburn (1946 -1984) have fond memories of Fred Burfield's John Deere tractor (crawler) & Bombardier. In addition to the restoration/renewal of Hollyburn Lodge, a major project of the Hollyburn Heritage Society during the past decade was the restoration of the John Deere tractor. Initiated by Bob Tapp and his son, Peter, the restoration was completed in 2011.

Soon after work began on the tractor/crawler project, Steve Richards & Ken Holowanky, who had purchased the Bombardier from Fred and subsequently restored it, contacted HHS and expressed an interest in seeing the Bombardier returned to Hollyburn Mountain.

The Hollyburn Heritage Society is recommending that the John Deere tractor and Bombardier be displayed in a small pavilion/museum close to Hollyburn Lodge. Peter Tapp has created a pdf document which provides information about the Bombardier, the John Deere tractor/crawler and the proposed pavilion/museum. To open/download a copy of this document, CLICK HERE.

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