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Grouse Mtn Ski Jumping Tournament, early 1930's (Alf Staley Collection)

Grouse Mountain
(Photos & Video)

Grouse Mountain Ski Jump

When the Grouse Mountain Chalet opened during the 1926/1927 ski season, a feature attraction was the ski jump built on the steep slope above the Grouse Mountain plateau. Competitions on this jump continued well into the 1950’s

Photo Group 1 - Ski Jumping

Ski Racing on Grouse Mountain
My Impression of the Noseeum Kandahar - January 13th, 1939 (Meta Scott)

The Noseeum Kandahar [on Grouse Mountain] to me is the most thrilling event of the skiing season.  It always seems to attract more interest, probably because being the first major ski event of the season or maybe after spending the long summer months at the beaches and summer camps, everyone is filled with vim, vigor, and rarin’ to go.  There is a definite feeling in the air that something big is going to happen.

The race officials are busy getting everything in shape.  Those chosen to represent their respective Clubs are practising at every available opportunity and it takes just that kind of atmosphere to make a successful tournament.  

Long before the day of the race I am all keyed up and always spend several jittery nights just to help matters along.  If I could ski in the race like I do my dreams, I would easily out do Lewis Davis.

Then on the morning of the race I leave, light-hearted, for the starting post and stand like a nervous trotting horse waiting for the signal to go.  My heart beats hard and deep in my stomach and my legs begin to buckle till the starter’s crisp voice sends me on my way down that flashy course.  I feel the rush of cool air on my face as I encounter the Big Pine with those pop-flies that seem to be trying their best to upset me and it is then that I realize the true thrill of skiing. After that in rapid succession come Hell’s Gate, the Razor Back and Dish Pan Gap which are capable of testing the skill of the best.  If I am fortunate enough to survive these, I still have to make the Hair Pin and schuss the Gorge, then comes the Shoe String with its twisting the left and right turns through those giant trees, yet capable of getting more speed which makes it hard to control the planks and around the hook approaching the finish line.  

With many wild and lusty voice is cheering I more than likely shame myself with a perfect three point landing.  In a few more seconds something inside me snaps and I begin to realize that as far as I’m concerned the Kandahar is over for another year.

Photo Group 2 - Ski Racing

Ski Racing & Ski Jumping on Grouse Mtn circa 1950

This video includes scenes on Grouse Mountain filmed by noted amateur photographer Hugh 'Torchy' Aikens circa 1950. The video features rare scenes of the Grouse Mtn chairlift, ski racing down 'The Cut', and a ski jumping tournament.