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Howe Sound Crest Trail Part 1 - Mount Strachan (Photos)

For decades, summer hikers who wished to climb Mount Strachan or the Lions beyond had two options; many followed the Hollyburn trail to a junction near the bottom of Romstads ski run where they took the left branch and traversed the west side of Hollyburn through stands of 'old growth' forest to reach the Strachan Valley. Heading north towards the Hollyburn/Strachan col, hikers passed Frank Lake and Blackie's cabin, built by Harry Collins in the early 1930's. From there the route led northwest through meadows into a steeper, treed sectiion. Finally, hikers broke out into the open and ascended gentler slopes to reach Strachan's south summit. The other option involved a climb to Hollyburn Peak. After enjoying the views from this vantage point, hikers made a steep descent to the Hollyburn/Strachan col where they connected with the trail coming up from Strachan Valley. After reaching the south peak of Mount Strachan, hikers going to the Lions descended a steep gully on the west side of the mountain and then climbed west to gain the high ridge that overlooks Howe Sound. From there, the route to the Lions involved a long ridge walk north, today known as the Howe Sound Crest Trail.

HSCT Photo Group 1a - Mount Strachan

HSCT Photo Group 1b - Mount Strachan