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The “Grouse Grind”

The Grouse Grind is by all accounts the most popular hiking trail near Vancouver, BC. Often called "Mother Nature's Stairmaster," the steep 2.9 kilometre trail winds its way up the southwest face of Grouse Mountain. The average hiker takes about 90 minutes to make the 853 metre ascent. Beginners should allow up to two hours.

The official course record to date for men is 25 minutes, 1 second, set by Sebastian Salas on August 24, 2010. Sebastian Salas also holds the unofficial record - 23:48. ('Official' records are set during organized Grouse Grind races.) Leanne Johnston holds the record for women - 31 minutes 4 seconds, set in 2007. Sebastian Albrecht holds the record for the number of ascents completed in one day, 14, set in June 2010.

"Grouse Grind - July 2011", filmed in HD and 16:9 format, records the sights and sounds experienced during a typical ascent of the Grouse Grind on a busy July holiday weekend.