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Mount Seymour

Since the early 1930’s, skiers had been climbing the long trail to Mount Seymour to enjoy the varied terrain characteristic of the ski grounds on the mountain. About 1937, Harold Enquist opened the Seymour Ski Camp.

After road and trail access were improved in the 1940’s, more and more skiers were drawn to the mountain. Enquist Lodge was opened after the war to provide services for the growing number of visitors.

In his 1946 article, “A Look-See at Mt. Seymour”, Sam Taylor noted that six organized clubs had played a large part in the development of the mountain. The most prominent of these clubs was the Mount Seymour Ski Club. Under the leadership of Jim Berranson, the club sponsored a variety of social and sports events including the Northland Downhill. Competitors started at Mystery Lake and followed a mile and a quarter course to the alpine meadows, five hundred feet below. Walt MacMillan was one of many skiers who, over the years, captured top honours in the annual race.

The Mount Seymour Ski Club also sponsored the annual Bernard Open Jump. In the 1940’s. Ole Johannsen was Seymour’s top ski jumper.

There was a dramatic turn-of-events in January, 1951, when a16 year old Norwegian junior named Halvar Sellesback won the New Year’s tournament on Mount Seymour. Representing the Vancouver Ski Club, Sellesback was to win many tournaments during the next four years.

Photo Group 1 - Varsity Outdoor Club Archives (1927 -1930)

Photo Group 1 - HHS Archives (1940's & 1950's)