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Recreational Skiing On Mount Strachan

Mount Strachan is the highest of the mountains surrounding Cypress Bowl and with its broad alpine meadows perched above moderately-steep south-facing slopes has arguably the best ski terrain on the North Shore mountains. By the late 1920's, hikers and skiers were making frequent trips to Strachan' s north and south peaks by dropping down into Strachan Valley below the Hollyburn shoulder. In his article, "June Morning on the Snow Crust", published on June 22, 1927, Pollough Pogue describes a dramatic descent from the south peak of Strachan by a party of skiers led Hollyburn Pacific Ski Club Captain, Chris Johnson. On exceptionally-clear days, those who reached the two summits were rewarded with breathtaking views of the Coast Mountain Range, Howe Sound, the Gulf Islands, Georgia Strait, the Fraser River delta, and peaks as far south as Mount Rainier.

Photo Group 1 - From the Hollyburn Shoulder To the South Peak of Mount Strachan

Photo Group 2 - Views From the South Peak of Mount Strachan

Photo Group 3 - Mount Strachan - 1930's (Gerry Hardman Collection)

Photo Group 4 - Mount Strachan - 1930's (Gerry Hardman Collection)