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Hiking Near Grouse Mountain

Grouse Mountain, the ”Peak of Vancouver”, receives hundred of thousands of visitors each year, most making the trip by riding in a gondola or by climbing the popular “Grouse Grind” trail. R. Parkinson and S. Williams made the first recorded ascent in 1894. By the early 1900’s, hikers and skiers were using well-established routes to reach mountain cabins and ski grounds on the Grouse Mountain plateau. When the Grouse Mountain Chalet was opened in 1926, many Vancouverites made the trip by driving up the spectacular Grouse Mountain highway. During the winter, ski runs led to Grouse Mountain Peak, Dam Mountain, and Thunderbird Ridge. In the summer, hikers were able to go further into the backcountry by following trails to Goat Mountain, Crown Mountain, and the Camel. 

Grouse Mountain Hikers (1910 - 1930) Photo Gallery