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B. Donors Page - Hollyburn Lodge 2015 -2016 Renewal Project 

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    1. HHS Newsletters

D. Projects: 

    01. Hollyburn Lodge Renewal Project Photos (2017)

    02. Hollyburn Lodge - Thank you for being part of the future - Jackie Swanson

    03. "It Takes a Community to Build a Lodge" - Kevin Healy 

    04. Hollyburn Lodge . . . a historical perspective

    05. Hollyburn Lodge Renewal Project Photos (2016)

    06. Hollyburn Lodge Renewal Project Photos (2015)

    07. Hollyburn Lodge Farewell BBQ - April 24, 2015

    08. Hollyburn Lodge Restoration Project Timeline

    09. Proposed Fred Brurfield's Tractor / Bombardier Museum at First Lake

        a. Fred Burfield's Bombardier On Hollyburn Mountain - Vintage Photos

        b. The Restoration of Fred Burfield's Bombardier – Steve Richards

        c. The Restoration of Fred Burfield's Bombardier – Photos

        d. John Deere Tractors On Hollyburn Mountain - Video & Photos

        e. Fred Burfield's John Deere Tractor Restoration Project – Peter Tapp

        f. Fred Burfield's John Deere Tractor Restoration Project – Video & Photos

        g. Fred Burfield's John Deere Tractor After Restoration - Photos & Video  

E. Pioneers (Pioneer Skiers' Reunions)

    1. Remembering Hollyburn's Pioneers 1 - Eilif Haxthow; Rudolph Verne, Oscar Pearson, Olle Anderson, Andrew & Stina Irving;
    Ommund B. Ommundsen, Margaret Ommundsen; Chris & Myrna Engh; Buddy Barker; 'Brownie' Morris; Hugh 'Torchy' Aikens; Brian Creer;
    Bud & Naomi MacInnes 

    2. Remembering Hollyburn's Pioneers 2  - Fred Burfield & family; Gerry Hardman; Alf Staley; Peggy Pratt; Chuck Gillrie; Denise Fiala; Bob Tapp;
    Alex Swanson 

F. Historic Lodges 

   01. "Artifacts of Yesteryear (A.G.M.F.) 

   02. The History of Hollyburn Lodge - Don Grant

       a. Hollyburn Lodge: An Important Part of Our Heritage (Excerpts from the 2006 “Request for Proposal” document)

       b. Embracing Our History & Heritage - A Tale of Two Lodges (Hollyburn Lodge & Cypress Creek Lodge) 2013

   03. Hollyburn Lodge Photos (1924-1984) 

       a. Hollyburn Lodge Photos (1984-2015)

   04. Hollyburn Lodge Videos: "Hollyburn Lodge Through the Seasons & Generations" 

       a. "First Lake Through the Seasons"

       b. Burfield Family Home Movies - "First Lake Summer"  

       c. Hollyburn Lodge, First Lake videos 2017

   05. The Hollyburn Trail (1922-1927) Articles by Pollough Pogue 

   06. “The Ski Camp At the ‘Old Mill’ Site” – Eilif Haxthow’s Hollyburn Journal (October 1924 - January 1928)

       a. Eilif Haxthow's Hollyburn Photo Gallery

       b. The Ski Camp at the 'Old Mill' Site (1925 - 1926) Articles by Pollough Pogue 

       c. The Ski Camp at the 'Old Mill' Site (1926 - Part 2) Articles by Pollough Pogue

   07. Searching for the Nasmyth Mill Site (Part 1) - Don Grant 

       a. Searching for the Nasmyth Mill Site (Part 2) - Don Grant 

   08. The Hollyburn Pacific Ski Club, of Vancouver, B.C. - Rudolph J. Verne (1927)

       a. A Sportman's Paradise - Rudolph J. Verne (1929)

   09. Hollyburn Mountain Articles by Pollough Pogue (1927) & Photos from HHS Archives

       a. Hollyburn Mountain Articles by Pollough Pogue (1928) & Photos from HHS Archives

   10. The Swedes At the Hollyburn Ski Camp (1926 - 1946) 

       a. The Swedes Return to Hollyburn Lodge - July 31st, 2013 

   11. The Burfield Family At Hollyburn Ski Lodge (1946 - 1983)

   12. History of Hollyburn Ridge - Ted Russell

       a. A Short History of Hollyburn Mtn – Iola Knight

       b. Hollyburn Memoirs - Scotty Finlayson

       c. Reflections of Hollyburn - Jim Graham

       d. "Sentimental Journey" - Naomi Wilson MacInnes

   13. Walks In West Van – Hikes on Hollyburn Ridge (1929)

        a. How We Got To Hollyburn – Iola Knight

        b. The Ferry Trip To West Vancouver (1929) - Then & Now 

        c. The Heaps Logging Company & the Forks Store

   14. Hi-View Lodge & the Chairlift (1951 – 1965) (Photos) 

        a. The Saga of the Hollyburn Chairlift - Donald Grant

   15. Hollyburn Ridge Brochure circa 1954

   16. Hollyburn Ridge Brochure 1963

   17. 1962 Boy Scout Map of Hollyburn Mtn

         a. 1963 Boy Scout Map of Hollyburn Mtn

   18. West Lake Ski Camp/Lodge (1932 -1938) "The Other Side of the Mountain"

         a. West Lake Ski Camp/Lodge Photos

   19. Westlake Ski Lodge (1939 – 1986 

        a. Norm Deacon's Home Movies of Westlake Lodge (1950's & early 1960's)

        b. Westlake Lodge - Rick Crosby

   20. Hollyburn Mountain Historical Timeline   

G. Historic Cabins: 

    1. a. Karl Ricker's Hollyburn Ridge Cabin Study - Overview     
        b. Karl Ricker's Hollyburn Ridge Cabin Study I (Cabin Sites  91-199) 
        c. Karl Ricker's Hollyburn Ridge Cabin Study II (Cabin Sites 200-249)     
        d. Karl Ricker's Hollyburn Ridge Cabin Study III (Cabin Sites 250-320)                             
        e. Karl Ricker's Hollyburn Cabin Study IV (Data Summaries)

    2. Hollyburn Ridge Cabin Photos
        a. Hollyburn Ridge Cabins (1920 - 1950)
        b. Hollyburn Ridge Cabins 94 to 172
        c. Hollyburn Ridge Cabins 173 to 216
        d Hollyburn Ridge Cabins 217 to 259
        e. Hollyburn Ridge Cabins 261 to 319
        f. Freehold Cabins on Hollyburn Ridge

    3. "Pollough Pogue - A Hollyburn Original" - Iola Knight
        a. "The Higher Lunacy" – Pollogh Pogue
        b. Hollyburn Cabins - Two Articles by Pollough Pogue

    4. Hollyburn’s Cabins Through the Lens of Prose & Poetry
       a. "Heritage of Hollyburn – Holmenkollen (Cabin 225)"
       b. "The History of the HWTC" – Bob Tapp 
       c. "The Bread Lady's Cabin" - Vince Hernandez  
       d. "Cabin Builders On Hollyburn Ridge (1930’s)" Hal Plumsteel  
       e. "Many A Notch In Time" - A.G.M.F. 
       f. "The Building of Alasker Inn" - Dick Andersen 
       g. "Par-a-dice Inn" - Jack Branston 
       h. "Youthful Days On Hollyburn Mtn - 1960’s (Part 1)" - A.G.M.F. 
       i.  "Youthful Days On Hollyburn Mtn - 1960's (Part 2)" - A.G.M.F.
       j.  "Hollyburn Hideaways' - A.G.M.F. 
       k. "Cabineers" - A.G.M.F.
       l.  "Called To Higher Ground" - A.G.M.F.   
       m.  "After Autumn Leaves" - A.G.M.F.    
       n. "Ridgeline Vignettes" - A.G.M.F. 
       o. "A Reverent Ode To the Outdoor Commode" - A.G.M.F. 
       p. "A Ramble On Hollyburn Ridge" - A.G.M.F. 
       q. "When A Mountain Comes To Mind"- A.G.M.F.  
       r. "A Fine Place To Rest"- A.G.M.F.  
s. "To a Cabin In the Woods"- A.G.M.F.  
       u. "HEWN BY HAND" - A.G.M.F. 
v"On Winter At First Lake" - A.G.M.F.  
w. "Hollyburn Lodge" - A.G.M.F. 
       x. "A Curious Encounter" - A.G.M.F.

H. Competitive Winter Sports 

    1. The 'Golden Age' on Hollyburn Mtn (1927/1928 & 1928/1929 Ski Seasons) 
        a. The 'Golden Age' on Hollyburn Mtn (1929/1930 & 1931/1931 Ski Seasons)
        b. The 'Golden Age' on Hollyburn Mtn (1931/1932 & 1932/1933 Ski Seasons) 
        c. The 'Golden Age' on Hollyburn Mtn (1933/1934 Ski Season)
        d. The 'Golden Age' on Hollyburn Mtn (1934/1935 Ski Season)
        e. The 'Golden Age' on Hollyburn Mtn (1935/1936 Ski Season)
        f.  The 'Golden Age' on Hollyburn Mtn (1936/1937 Ski Season)
        g. The 'Golden Age' on Hollyburn Mtn (1937/1938 Ski Season)
        h. The 'Golden Age' on Hollyburn Mtn (1938/1939 Ski Season) 

    2. Pollough Pogue's Hiker & Skier Magazine - Volumes 1 & 2 (1932/1933 & 1934)
        a. Pollough Pogue's Hiker & Skier Magazine - Volume 3 (1934/1935)
        b. Pollough Pogue's Hiker & Skier Magazine - Volume 4 (1935/1936)
        c. Pollough Pogue's Hiker & Skier Magazine - Volume 5 (1936/1937)
        d. Pollough Pogue's Hiker & Skier Magazine - Volume 6 (1937/1938)
        e. Pollough Pogue's Hiker & Skier Magazine - Volume 7 (1938/1939) Nos. 1, 2, 3
        f.  Pollough Pogue's Hiker & Skier Magazine - Volume 7 (1938/1939) Nos. 6, 7, 8

    3. Heroes of the Harnessed Hickory 
        a. A Brief History of Ski Jumping in BC
        b. Tom Mobraaten - A Brief Autobiography 
        c. Gus Johnson and Henry Sotvedt 
        d. Women Ski Competitors – Daisy Bourdon 
        e. Lindsay Loutet: A Worker for Skiing 

    4. Hollyburn Mountain
        a. Hollyburn Pacific Ski Club Brochure - 1927
        b. Vancouver Ski Club Cabins
        c. Ski Jumping On Hollyburn Mountain
        d. Ski Racing On Hollyburn Mountain
        e. 2010 Winter Olympics On Cypress Mountain

    5. Mount Seymour (Photos)

    6. Grouse Mtn (Photos & Video) 

    7. Princeton - 1940's (Photos)

    8. Revelstoke - 1940's (Photos)

    9. Banff, Alberta - 1937 (Photos)

    10. Pacific Northwest - Snoqualmie & Mt Hood - 1940's (Photos)

I. Skiing

    1. Recreational Skiing In Cypress Provincial Park 
        a. Historic Ski Runs On Hollyburn Mountain 
        b. Recreational Skiing On Hollyburn Mountain - !920's & 1930's (Photos) 
        c. Recreational Skiing On Hollyburn Mountain - 1940's (Photos)  
        d. Recreational Skiing On Hollyburn Mountain - 1950's & 1960's (Photos) 
        e. Recreational Skiing On Hollyburn Mountain (1970's)
        f. Historic Ski Runs On Mount Strachan (Photos) 
        g. Recreational Skiing On Black Mountain (Photos)

    2. Recreational Skiing Grouse Mountain (Video & Photos)

    3. Recreational Skiing On Mount Seymour (Video & Photos)

    4. Recreational Skiing Near Princeton, BC (Photos)

    5. Recreational Skiing On Mount Baker (Photos) 

J. Hiking

    1. The Trail To Hollyburn Peak (Photos & Video)
        a. Lake Country On Hollyburn Mtn (Videos)
        b. Yew Lake & Black Mtn (Video & Photos)
        c. Howe Sound Crest Trail Part 1 - Mount Strachan (Photos)
        d. Howe Sound Crest Trail Part 2 - Strachan Meadows To West Lion Peak (Photos)
        e. Howe Sound Crest Trail Part 3 - West Lion To Deeks Lake (Photos)
        f. Mt Brunswick Peak from Porteau Cove circa 1940 (VOC Photos)

    2. Hiking Near Grouse Mtn
        a. The 'New' BCMC Trail (Photos)
        b. The "Grouse Grind" (Video)
        c. Trail To Crown Mountain (Photos)
        d. "I Straddled A Mountain"
        e. The Camel (Photos)

    3. Garibaldi Provincial Park
        a. "Explorations In Garibaldi Provincial Park" 
        b. Garibaldi Provincial Park: Around Garibaldi Lake  (Photos by Hugh & Bert Aikens)
        c. Garibaldi Provincial Park: Elfin Lakes & Diamond Head (Photos by Hugh Aikens)       
        d. "The Brandvolds of Diamond Head" - Irene Howard
        e. Brandvold Family Reunion At Diamond Head Chalet – September 15, 2007 (Photos)        

K. Cypress Now (Post 2010)

    1. Cypress Creek Lodge

    2. Skiing & Snowboarding On Cypress Mountain

    3. Backcountry Skiing Videos

    4. X-Country Skiing & Snowshoeing Videos

    5. Snowshoeing Photos
        a. Snowshoe Trails To Hollyburn Lodge
        b. Ancient Giants & Marr Giant Connector Trail
        c. Ridge Traverse Trail 
        d. Ridge Fall Line Trail
        e. Far East Trail 
        f. Upper Glades Loop Trail
        g. Public Access Trail to Hollyburn Peak 
        h. Snowshoeing On the Black Mtn. Plateau
        i. Snowshoeing On Mt. Strachan 
        j. Howe Sound Crest Trail To Bowen Lookout & Binkert Kiosk 

    6. Hiking Photos & Videos 
        a. Cypress Provincial Park Map - Section 1 (West)
        b. Cypress Provincial Park Map - Section 1 (East)
        c. 10 Minute Trail to Hollyburn Lodge (Winter)
        d. Westlake Road - Main Trail to Hollyburn Lodge (Winter)  
        e. Brothers Creek Trail To Junction With Crossover Trail (Spring) 
        f. Brothers Creek Trail To Junction With Blue Gentian Trail (Spring) 
        g. Brothers Creek - Crossover Trail Junction To the Upper Falls  (Early Summer)
        h. Baden-Powell Trail to the Snowline (Spring) 
        i. Lawson Creek & the Crossover Trail On Hollyburn Ridge (Spring) 
        j. Blue Gentian Lake (Late Spring) 
        k. Upper Brothers Creek Trail (Fall) 
        l. Blue Gentian Lake To Hollyburn Lodge Via West Lake (Late Fall)
        m. The Fire Access Road In WV's Upper Lands (Summer) 
        n. The Trail To Lost Lake (Early Summer) 
        o. Natural Historians At Work On the Brothers Creek Trail (Early Summer)
        p. Black Mountain (Summer) 
        q. Howe Sound Crest Trail East - Trailhead To Binkert Kiosk (Summer)
        r. Howe Sound Crest Trail - Binkert Kiosk To Mt. St. Marks (Summer) 
        s. Howe Sound Crest Trail West - Binkert Kiosk To Yew Lake Trail Junction (Summer) 
        t. Yew Lake in Cypress Provincial Park
        u. Hollyburn Peak Via the Powerline Trail & the Plateau (Summer)
        v. Hollyburn Plateau Via the Baden-Powell Trail (Summer)  
        w. Old Trail to Mount Strachan - Part 1 (Summer)
        x. Old Trail to Mount Strachan - Part 2 (Summer) 

     7. Snowboarding & Mountain Biking Videos 

L. Community Partners (Links) 

    1. HHS Photos & Film Donor List

M. Site Map 1