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List of Donors

Thank You 

BC Parks Olympic Legacy Fund, Cypress Mountain,
The Corporation of the District of West Vancouver
Hollyburn Heritage Society, Hollyburn Ridge Association

Thank You 

 Thank You 

EMCO Corporation

Bill and Jennifer Cooper
In Memory of Joy Tynan
Peter & Margaret Corbett
West Vancouver Community Foundation
West Vancouver Historical Society

Creus Engineering Ltd.
KMBR Architects Planners Inc.
Lafarge Concrete
Marine Roofing Group of Companies
North Construction Ltd.
Swahealy Holding Ltd.

Ambleside Tiddlycove Lions Club
Bob, Greta & the entire Tapp Family
In Memory of Eilif Haxthow by The Palfrey’s
In Memory of Wally and Dorothy Thompson
Iola Knight
Marion Ricker (nee Cardwell)
With thanks, Cabin 308 "the Hytte"

GeoPacific Consultants Ltd.
Langley Concrete Group 
Sartori Environmental Services 
United Building Systems

Andrew Mahon Foundation
Barry Chilibeck, Cabin 150
BC Film Industry
Betsy & Friends – Bumps & Brews Forever!
Big Woody (135)
Blachut's Bedside Manor
Bobby Swain
Booth Sampson Family
Brent & Barbara Leigh
Cabin 159 Diddle Inn
Cabin 238 First Class Spirit - Fennings
Cabin 249 Halfway Inn Casa Loma – Jack Laidman’s Family
Don & Anna Grant
TajMaHollyburn 290 - Donna, Romi, Spencer, Ted
Cheryl Leskiw
Dawn & Paul
Demetrios Babalos
Elizabeth Robertson
Eve M Garrish. Geo W Firth. Loved the roads less travelled
Friends of "The Last Dance" 03/21/2015
Heritage BC Legacy Fund
Hollyburn Heritage Society
Hollyburn Ridge Association
In Memory of Fred B Fennings
In Memory of Gordon Knight
In Memory of Hugh Addison In Memory of Jack Rockandel
In Memory of Leslie & Elda Grant
In Memory of Mac & Sheila McRae - Thistledew Cabin
In Memory of Magnus Bratlien
In Memory of Ron Strand
Jacquie Gijssen
Jill Newby Cabin 222
Karl Ricker
Larry Dyke
Nora Gambioli & Family
Loma McKenzie – Idle Wise 1961-2012
Patrick, Lorraine, Julia, Jennifer & Brendan Ma Family
Rick & Carole Diguistini
Rosemary Clapham for Brownie & Nordal Kaldahl
School District 45
Sharon Walker & Colin Mastin
Shirley J Read 1926 March 8 - 2016 Dec 30 age 90+
Shuparski Family
Swahealy: Jackie Swanson & Kevin Healy
Tami & Paul Reilly, Blueberry Lodge Cabin 285
The Lidster Family
West Vancouver Arts & Culture Community Grant
Whistler Blackcomb Foundation
Vice-Roos Family

BA Blacktop
Benjamin Moore
British Pacific Properties Limited
Burnaby Self Storage
Community Fire Prevention
Fab-Form Industries Ltd.
EagleRidge Mechanical
Engineered Pump
Lee Island
Little Mountain Engineering Co.
MCW Consultants Ltd
Morrison Hershfield
Ponte Brothers
Rick Diguistini
Sage Mechanical
Vaglio Fireplace
West Form

Adam & Andrea Arduini
Alan Duncan
Anders & Jodie Bjorklund
Andy & Ann-Marie Metten
Ann Talbot
Bear Paw - Cabin 185
Betty Drury
Bob & Sheila Sexsmith
Bonas - Jantzen
Brittany Swanson
Burfield’s Hollyburn Ski Lodge 1946 - 1984
Cabin 196 - Shannon & Todd
Cabin 288: Wee-Ski-Inn
Cabin 311
Carolanne Reynolds
Carol Evenchick & Lawrence McIntosh
Catherine Douglas
Christopher Forman
Chris Frampton, Guardian of people, place, things
Chris Norman & Nicola Dexter
Chris Sterry
Clarence Mackinnon
Corporation of the District of West Vancouver Community Arts & Council Grant
Crandall: Anna, Jamie, Helen, Taylor 229 Tin Hat
Dale Wilson
Dave & Alison Wilson
Derek Goodman
Derek Hale
Diana & Cedric Carter
Donna Fitch
Elders Council for BC Parks
E. Lincke
Elizabeth Neil
Elizabeth Mehling
Elizabeth Rose in Loving Memory
Erwen Smith
Estate Evelyn Firth
Evelyn & Russell Leskiw
F. Mark Rowan & Maureen Lundell Family
Fanny Patterson & Peter Rozee
Feet Banks, Tami Knight
For Kay, Jenny, Judy & Peter
Frankie Victor
Fred Roots
Friends of Cypress Provincial Park
G & N Carswell - 189
George & Chris Greig
Glen Head
Gordon & Eva Francis
Grampa Gibb
Gratitude of VOC
Harvey Wright
Heather Johnston
Ian Maplethorp
In Honour of the past & in joy of the future
In Honour of Joy Zemel Long
In Loving Memory of Don Whiteley, love Diane
In Loving Memory of Jack & Thelma Hutchinson
In Memory of Alex Swanson Cabin 247 the Doghouse
In Memory of Aurora, Beloved companion, Cabin 222
In Memory of Bradley Lionel Forster
In Memory of Peter Kendall
In Memory of Bob Tapp
In Memory of Bob Tapp by Siegfried Schmidt
In Memory of Chris, Myrna & Chris Jr Engh by Sharon Coles
In Memory of Cliff & Marg Silverson
In Memory of Fred & Evelyn Burfield
In Memory of Grace Palfrey
In Memory of Gwyneth, Betty & Peter Molyneux 287
In Memory of John Paonessa - The "Mildew" Boys
In Memory of Linda Rowell
In Memory of Margaret & Ommund Ommundsen
In Memory of Muddy & Grumps
In Memory of Neal & Peggy Carter
In Memory of Otto Friedl
In Memory of Ranger Ted Russell - The "Mildew" Boys
In Memory of Vera Minshull
In Memory of WP (Bill) Harland
Irene Popescu
Ivan Holmes
Jackie 39 Swanson
Jackie Swanson
Jeanne Krabbendam
James Graham
James Harman
James Harris & Maureen Leyland
Jan Balcar
Jenny Benedict
Jim Sinclair & Susan Croll
Jo-Anne & Kevin Mahon
Joanne Van Antwerp
Jocelyn Lymburner, William & Maddie
Joffrey Koeman & Family
John Mawson
John Roulstone
June Gillrie
Kay Dickinson
Kelly Sexsmith & David Huggard
Ken Parr - Cabin 282 - Mannering Manor
Kevin Healy, with thanks
Keir Family 248 Idlewise
Kitty & Mike Castle
Klesner/Sollner Family
Lance Read Family
Lawrence Hipson
Leslie Mackinnon
Lisa Vitols for the kids & the Guides
Linda Sabourin
Louise Irwin
Lucy Kenward
Margaret Jaffary
Margaret "Peggie" Pedersen
Marion Burfield
Mark & Abby Fortune
Marshall Bauman
Maureen Collins
Maureen Olofson
Mel Kaushansky
Melinda Straight
Michael Davidson
Mike Furlong
Mother's Day gals for Ms. J. Bond
Naomi Singer
Nora Coates
Norman D. Watt
North Shore Heritage Preservation Society
Off Hand Manor
Paddy Flynn
Pail McKinney & Family
Pasttime - Cabin 240
Pat, Danae & Karin Johnson
Patrick Duffy
Patrick Novak
Paul Geddes & Willa Harasym
Paul McKinney & Family
Peggy J. Burfield
Pegoraro Family
Peter & Audrey Haigh
Peter Compston Cabin 200
Peter R Scholefield
Robert E. Beard
Ron & Veronica Hatch
Ronne Family
Rose & Brian Blamey
Rotary Club of West Vancouver Sunrise
Scandinavian Cultural Centre
Sheila & John Conyon
Sheila White
Sig Schmidt
Skokeheim - Cabin 155
Smita Patel
Stumble Inn - 216
Sue Todd & Rich Unger
Summer Rosta
Susan Roote
Ted & May Parr- Cabin 282 - Mannering Manor
The Burfield Family - Hollyburn Ski Lodge 1946-1984
The Cashmores at Mountain Robin
The Challenger Inn
The Dyakowskis
The Fingland Family
The Jacobs
The Lees Family
The McGees
The MossLams Cabin 210
The Newtons Cabin 137
The Rusty Nails
The Sidewinders
The Tuesday Ladies
The Wilkinsons at Norselander
Thomas Handley
Thorne Shindler & Audrey Sheffield
Tickety Boo Cabin 214
Tilby Critters
Tony & Bev Flower
Tony Knight & Margaret Hanson
Tony Wilson
UBC Varsity Outdoors Club
Udo F W Schoepper
Vancouver Skiers/Cross Country Club
W. John McMynn
WCN SkiSkytter
William Nelson
With thanks to Pollough Pogue
Wolfgang Hauser
WVHS Old Boys' Network