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Hollyburn Heritage Society

Hollyburn Lodge, September 21, 2016

On September 10, 2016 Laura Anderson’s uplifting article, “MEMORY LANE: Golden age remembered” was published in the North Shore News. The article focuses on June Gillrie, a well-known and much respected Hollyburner who celebrated her 100th birthday on June 23, 2016. Reference is also made to the Pioneer Skiers’ Reunion was held on Wednesday, September 21st. To access the digital edition on the NSN website, CLICK HERE. To download a pdf copy of the article. CLICK HERE. To access photos & a video of Pioneer Skiers' Reunions held on 'Hollyburn' in 1995, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2014 & 2016, CLICK HERE.

TOTAL FUNDS RAISED as of September 23, 2016 


"Hollyburn Lodge has been the backcountry community centre of Hollyburn Ridge recreationalists for almost ninety years. Year after year we hear stories from far and wide about how Hollyburn Lodge and Hollyburn Ridge has touched so many lives, over so many generations. Now is the time to show your love for Hollyburn, for continued enjoyment today and for foture generations. Please help us to rebuild Hollyburn Lodge, in its fabulous First Lake location, recognizing and maintaining its unique heritage and historic design." Jackie Swanson, President, Hollyburn Ridge Association 

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or mail a cheque payable to the Hollyburn Heritage Society with the note "Lodge Renewal" and send to: 
HRA, PO Box 91076, West Vancouver, BC  V7V 3N3 
For more information call: 604-913-2772 

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The District of West Vancouver Communication Department has created a webpage for the Hollyburn Lodge 2015 Renewal Project.
CLICK HERE to access the website.

On Friday, April 24, a large group of Hollyburners & their guests gathered inside Hollyburn Lodge at First Lake to say farewell to the old Lodge, which opened on January 16th, 1927, and to welcome a renewed Lodge, which is scheduled to open in November, 2015. Included in the video is a performance of "Those Were The Days, My Friends . . . " by the Druids, the presentation of a 10,000 cheque by Dave Barker, West Vancouver Historical Society, which pushed donations over the $1,000,000 mark, and comments by Jackie Swanson, HRA, Iola Knight HHS, and Brent Leigh, Deputy Chief Administrator for DVW. An unexpected snowfall created some logistical problems for organizers earlier in the day, but added to the festive mood.

Hollyburn Lodge Renewal Project Donor Package

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Hollyburn Lodge Renewal Project Historical Insert

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Introduction to the Hollyburn Heritage Society Website

Although the website includes content far beyond Hollyburn Lodge at First Lake, it is all linked in some way to the Lodge, the people that owned, operated and/or worked at the Lodge, and to the succeeding generations who have enjoyed and continue to enjoy its unique character and recognize its important place in the history of our community.

There is much on the website for you to peruse & enjoy. (Currently there are 179 pages.) A recommended starting point is the "Site Map", which gives you an overview of the entire website and links to all the pages. Tony Flower's nostalgic, heart-warming tribute to Fred Burfield and the Burfield family, "Called To Higher Ground", is a good introduction to the colourful history of Hollyburn Mountain. 

The PAST (pre 2011) is the main focus of the pages listed under "Lodges", "Cabins", Mtn Sports", "Recreational Skiing", and "Hiking". 
The PRESENT (post 2010) is the main focus of  the pages listed under "Cypress Now".

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