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Hollyburn Heritage Society

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Official Opening of the renewed Hollyburn Lodge on Sunday, January 15, 2017 

January 15, 2018 will be the first anniversary of the official opening of the renewed Hollyburn Lodge. Yesterday, we received the following document from Jackie Swanson, Chair of Hollyburn Lodge 2015 Renewal Project, regarding an application for funding related to the three display boards located near the Lodge. Jackie also makes reference to some things that remain to be done, including installation of a wood stove and some of the old flooring, two things near & dear to many HHS members.

To: Heritage BC Heritage Legacy Fund - January 4, 2018
Hollyburn Lodge - Story of the Backcountry - Preserving the History of Hollyburn Lodge On behalf of Hollyburn Heritage Society application for funds (Part 2) Final Completion ($1,250)

As the 1926 Hollyburn Lodge was dismantled in 2015, the mandate was to rebuild to code, but as close as possible to its heritage and architectural mirror image. Cypress Mountain took on construction, a team of volunteers took on heritage preservation. Heritage intent was to remove every possible piece of the structure that could be salvaged, then to reuse those pieces in the new building wherever possible, and to record and share that information for continuity and public enjoyment.

The first step was to remove the original exterior boards, milled on the mountain, from the mountain. In doing so, we discovered that the side of the boards facing inward were doubling as interior boards for the first few years of the 1926 lodge, and a plethora of initials and name carvings came to light after about eighty-five years of being hidden by the ultimate "new" interior boards installed around 1930. Cypress Mountain put the images and names on Face Book in 2015, with an overwhelming response from the public who identified several of the original pioneers and wrote what came of them. Got married, died in the war, survived the war. The carved boards that could be salvaged have been trimmed up and mounted under plexiglass in three locations for display in the new lodge.

All the original windows were removed with care, and an "adopt a window" program was mounted. Ten windows were given to ten volunteers who repaired and returned them for remounting in the new lodge. They are now hung as asthetic display within all of the new double glazed aluminum windows in public spaces, expressing exactly what was hanging in the original lodge. The mood filled windows are each unique and original, coming from "Pidgeon windows" to anything and everything that was salvaged for free in 1926. Each window is labeled as original.

The original interior structural beams were removed and re-installed as faux in the new lodge. Although they appear to be structural, they aren't anymore. These logs, also carved with initials, remain exactly as they were removed, and contribute immensely to the visual replica of the original lodge. Combined with the exact colour match of the original interior walls, and the mahogany paneling that was the fondue room, many can't believe they aren't in the old, original lodge. Volunteers cladded the ceilings and walls with rough cut wood as in the original, with not a speck of drywall showing in the public space. All the original interior boards were combed through for anything re-useable. What boards were saved have been re-installed on the lower section of the walls around the washroom halls. Information plaques indicate this, as otherwise you would never be able to tell. Outside, the unique scallop of the original Swedish entry door has been replicated.

The ever-popular Hollyburn Lodge Dance Floor was removed and de-nailed. This timber is currently stored in the Cypress Works Yard, with the hope that some day it will be re-planed and reinstalled. Plans are in place and donations have been raised for an efficient wood stove to be installed in place of the popular high-volume, inefficient wood stove of the past. Many other details have been replicated or reused and smaller heritage assets and photographs adorn the walls.

Music has been a major piece of cultural heritage in this backcountry lodge. In respect to that, a large donation was made for a superior sound system which is now being enjoyed and is a welcome addition to our continuing story.

Defining the Story of the Backcountry - Preserving the History of Hollyburn Lodge, is now outlined in a 25' long, 3 panel Heritage Board, permanently mounted outside of the Lodge, on the shore of 15t Lake.

This information kiosk talks about the Backcountry Lodge, Preserving Heritage in the area, a map of the area, and a list of major contributors to the project, including the Heritage BC, Heritage Legacy Fund. We thank you for your contribution.

Jackie Swanson Chair
Hollyburn Lodge 2015 Renewal Project

"The Crossing" is an American science fiction series that debuted on April 2, 2018 on ABC & CTV television networks.

THE PREMISE: Refugees fleeing a war start showing up to seek asylum in an American town—but the refugees claim to be from America, 180 years in the future. Moreover, at least one of the refugees exhibits apparently superhuman powers that make her a threat. During the summer and fall of 2017, filming for the “The Crossing” tv series took place at Hollyburn Lodge at First Lake near West Vancouver, Canada.

"The Crossing" film set, First Lake, Hollyburn Ridge - July 28 , 2017

"The Crossing" film set, First Lake, Hollyburn Ridge - August 6, 2017

"The Crossing" film set, First Lake, Hollyburn Ridge - August 9, 2017

Introduction to the Hollyburn Heritage Society Website

Although the website includes content far beyond Hollyburn Lodge at First Lake, it is all linked in some way to the Lodge, the people that owned, operated and/or worked at the Lodge, and to the succeeding generations who have enjoyed and continue to enjoy its unique character and recognize its important place in the history of our community.

There is much on the website for you to peruse & enjoy. (Currently there are 238 web pages.) A recommended starting point is the "Site Map", which gives you an overview of the entire website and links to all the pages. Tony Flower's nostalgic, heart-warming tribute to Fred Burfield and the Burfield family, "Called To Higher Ground", is a good introduction to the colourful history of Hollyburn Mountain. 

Hollyburn's past history, (pre 2010), is the main focus of the pages listed under "Pioneers", "Hollyburn History", "Cabins",
"Competitive Sports", and "Recreational Skiing" while Hollyburn's more recent history, (post 2010), is the main focus of the pages listed under "Physical Geography" & "Cypress Now".

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Hollyburn Lodge, First Lake, December 5, 2017