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Hollyburn Heritage Society

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Views of First Lake during the long snowmelt of 2017 after an epic winter.

Hollyburn Lodge 

Hollyburn Lodge has reopened for the summer. Visitors are now able to see the changes that have been made to the interior since mid-April. The Hollyburn restaurant inside the Lodge will be open from 11am to 5pm Wednesday to Sunday and on Holiday Mondays, weather permitting.

To open/download a pdf copy of the Hollyburn Restaurant menu, CLICK HERE.

 Before the official opening of the renewed Hollyburn Lodge on Sunday, January 15, 2017,  Jackie Swanson, Chair of the Hollyburn Lodge Renewal Project Committee, prepared a handout which describes what has been done so far regarding the rebuild and what will be done in the coming months to complete the project.

Also included in the brochure is a poem by Tony Flower, "The Old Red Lodge". 

CLICK HERE to open/download a pdf copy of the handout.

See also the Hollyburn Lodge Renewal Project Photos (2017) on this website.

From late July to November,  filming for the upcoming TV series, "The Crossing", will be taking place at Hollyburn Lodge and the area around First Lake. Most of the filming will be done on Mondays & Tuesdays, when Hollyburn Lodge will be closed. For more information about "The Crossing", 
including a trailer video, CLICK HERE.

West Vancouver Seniors' Tour of Hollyburn Lodge & First Lake - August 15, 2017

During the West Vancouver Seniors' tour of Hollyburn Lodge on August 15, a booklet was handed out, which gives a good overview of the geography and history of Cypress Provincial Park and District of West Vancouver's Upper Lands.  To open/download a copy of this 12 page booklet, CLICK HERE.

Pioneer Skiers Reunion 2017 Newsletter

Here is the newsletter for the Pioneer Skiers Reunion, hosted by HHS and MSHP, Wednesday, September 13th. It’s hoped that other interested parties, besides the actual Pioneers will start to attend these annual events and take an interest in local ski history. Please share this newsletter with any other interested contacts and any help with media contacts is appreciated.

To open/download a pdf copy of the newsletter with active hyperlinks (in blue text) CLICK HERE
Alex Douglas, Rentals & Retail Manager, Mt Seymour Resorts
(604) 986-2261 ext. 259 or (604) 355-0051

Images of the two page newsletter may be seen below.

Introduction to the Hollyburn Heritage Society Website

Although the website includes content far beyond Hollyburn Lodge at First Lake, it is all linked in some way to the Lodge, the people that owned, operated and/or worked at the Lodge, and to the succeeding generations who have enjoyed and continue to enjoy its unique character and recognize its important place in the history of our community.

There is much on the website for you to peruse & enjoy. (Currently there are 220 web pages!) A recommended starting point is the "Site Map", which gives you an overview of the entire website and links to all the pages. Tony Flower's nostalgic, heart-warming tribute to Fred Burfield and the Burfield family, "Called To Higher Ground", is a good introduction to the colourful history of Hollyburn Mountain. 

Hollyburn's past history, (pre 2011), is the main focus of the pages listed under "Historic Lodges", "Historic Cabins", "Competitive Sports",  Skiing" and "Hiking", while Hollyburn's more recent history, (post 2010), is the main focus of  the pages listed under "Cypress Now".

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